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Thursday, May 24, 2018

Madewell Try-On's: Early Summer

Nothing makes my week better than Madewell dropping some new arrivals! And to be honest, it's been awhile since I've done a try on session on the blog. I have to say that the past couple of collections haven't been as good, but this one is giving me all the feels! It confirms my reason I initially fell in love with Madewell-updated basics and fun pieces you can wear over and over! Now, the question is when will summer arrive? Suddenly, LA has become gloomy. 

Sidenote: all dresses and jumpsuits are currently 20% off with code: PRETTYPLEASE


If there's one thing I can't resist, it's white eyelet for summer! It is oversized and I went with my smaller size. It's not lined, but with a nude bra on (like I have) it's an easy top for hot days. It passes the tuck in test. I styled it with their Perfect Summer Jeans and love the ease of this whole look! 


Okay, I also cannot say no to black eyelet! This top is back from last year and totally need to grab it this year. Again, it's not lined. It is oversized, but couldn't see a difference from the next size up. I would only advice sizing up if your shoulders are broad. This is one of those tops you can easily wear to the office with a cami under and on the weekend. It is on the shorter side (not cropped), so best with high waist bottoms.


One category Madewell hasn't been winning me over with is dresses. And the 5 year-old in me loves dresses! I had seen several bloggers post wearing this denim one and gave it a shot. I get it now. It's enough shape at the top, but flowy in the body (exactly what you want when it's so hot out). Again, I would size for your chest. I probably would have bought this if they had a smaller size. There is a black strawberry print one. Oh, and dresses are 20% off right now! Use code: PRETTYPLEASE


OH-M-GEE! This top is mainly the reason I had to come in the store. It doesn't disappoint! The colors scream summer! There is texture to the material, which I can see some people not liking. It does make it casual, which fits my style 99% of the time. There is a blue/white option. The best part is it looks great out and tucked in, with blue or white jeans-SO many options! I tried it with these button front white jeans and the Perfect Summer Jeans


I really didn't think I would love this top, but I was wrong. The fit is on point, which doesn't happen that often with my smaller bust. I did have to size down, because of my bust. Even with the cutout, you can still manage to wear a strapless bra. The adjustable straps and side zipper are all details I contribute to the good fit. So I would say size for your bust on this one. I couldn't resist pairing it with a good white jean. Again, I have summer on my mind.

Hope this try-on was helpful! Let me know your favorite!

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Circle Bag Obsession

wrap top (size xs) // jeans // shoes (spring edition) // purse // sunglasses

Well I finally got a new purse, but lucky for you it's pretty much the same purse just in a bright fun color. You don't even want to know how long it took me to decide on finally pulling the trigger on it. My longtime friend actually bought it first and when we were in San Diego she would let me use it for photos (talk about friendship!). So I guess you can say she gave the final push to buy it. I know purses are something we use everyday and can be an investment, but it takes me so much thought and debating before I buy a new purse. Is anyone else like that? In all fairness, I will wear a purse everyday until it's done. Buying a bright colored purse is out of my comfort zone, but in the words of my friend "it's a nice way to elevate even yoga pants." That girl. She knows how to sell me. I haven't tried it with my yoga pants. Will report back soon ;)

Now, let's flashback to last year's look here. Of course, it has my old circle purse when it was nice and pristine. I'm really hoping the circle bag trend stays around a couple more years because it's so cute! Anyone else obsessed with circle bags? 

Thank you for linking up with us! Our picks are Katie from Hello Katie Girl and Lee from Legallee Blonde!

Monday, May 14, 2018

The Best Jumpsuit

cute date night outfit

styling a black jumpsuit

adri lately

madewell apron ruffle jumpsuit

faux leather jacket, ruffle black jumpsuit

jumpsuit (runs big) // jacket // heels 

You know that magical feeling you get the second you put something on the very first time? It makes you stand taller, feel extra confident and ultimately feels like the best version of yourself. That's the feeling I got when I tried this jumpsuit on (my review here). While I knew it was going to be a piece I would get plenty of use out of, I didn't realize I would love it even more now than before. I mean let's be real-jumpsuits are hard to pee in and take some work. They're this weird mix of effortless and lots of effort. Oh, fashion! Only when you find a good fitting one, you know get that magical feeling, can you commit. Or is that just me?

For these pictures, I went fancy. If my hair is done and heels are on, I call that fancy. As you may know, I just came back from Tulum, and guess what jumpsuit saved the day? Yup, this one! I impulsively threw it in my carry on at the last second and so glad I did. It turned out to be the best outfit to travel home in. You can see here how I styled it.  

Do you have any pieces you've picked up that continue to save the day?