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Monday, October 23, 2017

The Best 3 Matcha Spots in LA


Let's be real, this post has been a long time coming. If you follow me on Instagram, you know I have a serious love for my matcha lattes. And trust me, not all are created equal. I've had the super lumpy, kinda chalky or overly milky. So often I hear that someone had a bad experience with matcha and I that just broke my matcha loving heart! For those who aren't familiar with matcha, it's a the leaves from green tea and the quality of the tea does make a difference. After doing a lot of testing in the LA area, it's these three spots that I keep coming back for more.

Olive & Thyme
Not only does this have amazing breakfast (get the quiche), but it's a spacious, light filled spot that has a matcha latte I can get behind again and again. For those who don't do dairy, this is for you. They make theirs with soy milk and I've even asked for almond milk (both are equally delicious). It does come sweetened with vanilla, but does not take away the match taste. 

The Assembly
This is the place that confirmed all my matcha testing was worth it! Originally, I started drinking their honey almond lattes, which are amazing coming from a not so big coffee drinker. But the matcha lattes are what got me fueled for work. You'll understand from the minimal decor to the friendly baristas that they put all the effort into the making a great latte (matcha or not). Not going to lie, this can be a pricey matcha latte, but they use high quality barista milk and Panatea matcha. This is so LA, but you can expect to see all the cute dogs here. Oh, and come on a Friday morning. They offer Donut Snob donuts on Fridays. 

Matcha Box
Feeling adventurous? Come grab something from MatchBox. The menu is nothing like I've seen-playful and so refreshing! From drink names like Matcha Bitch and unique pairings with ginger, this place will have you begging for more. Every sip is so velvety and carefully balance. My personal favorite is the Joules, which has matcha, ginger and almond milk. Personally, I prefer all their drinks iced. The small spot isn't one to linger around, though. So I don't recommend trying to meet up someone for catching up. It is relatively close to The Grove, that you could walk to and from. That also might save you a headache from searching for street parking.  

Are you a matcha lover? If you know of any spots to try, let me know. I can never say no to a good matcha spot!    

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Casual Neutral Outfit for Fall

Happy Friday Friends! There's nothing like experimenting with neutrals. Basically, you can end up with a limitless wardrobe (who doesn't want that?!). And you want to know what? This look is actually from last year here. You probably couldn't tell. All these pieces are still in my closet and get worn, except those espadrilles had to be replaced because the soles were coming off. Yes, I wore them to death and then bought another pair. This might also be a reminder for myself to keep adding neutrals to my closet. And speaking of neutrals here are some from the sale over at Madewell because hello extra 30% off-RIDICULOUS (code: GOODLOOKS) like this sweater, plaid shawl, and this knot-tie long sleeve

While I didn't think this through, but I did have an actual outfit to post. I've been dog sitting across town in Santa Monica all week (aka living there) and didn't bring my picture files. The dog owner is super sweet to let me use her computer, but I also can't navigate it (and feel a little weird poking around). So just know I'm on the struggle bus trying to make today's linkup post happen.

Thank you for linking up, FOR REAL! Our picks are Ruth from My Little Nest and Grace from Color and Grace! I would insert the image, but I can't find it on this computer lol. Am I getting old or what?

Thursday, October 12, 2017

The Best of Madewell's Sale Section

UPDATE! Madewell is currently offering 30% EXTRA off sale till 10/23! Use code: GOODLOOKS 
Annnd hurry because things go F A S T!

Happy Friday! It's even a happier one because there are quite a few pieces that I LOVE that have been added to Madewell's sale section (insert hands up emoji). You might remember a few or a lot of these from previous fitting room reviews. But these are just too good to pass up!

cream sweater

TIE-CUFF PULLOVER SWEATER $79.99 (Now $49.99) // Wearing XXS
It's an oversized sweater that has a little something but still a great basic. It comes in several colors and looks like you put more effort into your outfit. There's enough room to do the half-tuck in the front, too.

floral silk dress

SILK POPPY DRESS IN WILD BOTANIC $148 (Now $99.99) // Wearing Size 6
This little dress is just that good! I'm honestly shocked to see it's been marked down already! It does seem to run a tad small in the waist and I'm only wearing a bigger size because that's all they had. It has the right length and not cut too low making it work appropriate, but the shape totally makes it happy hour ready.

black and white gingham dress

GINGHAM RUFFLE DRESS $98 (Now $34.99!) // Wearing Size 0
I personally own this one (you can see it here) and for this insane sale price it just doesn't get better than that! 

star print top

WRAP SHIRT IN STAR SCATTER $75 (Now $49.99) // Wearing XS
Let me just say (again), I'm not that into star prints but this cute top changed my mind! It's so cute and with some white jeans and jean jacket, it's so easy to style. It is short in length, so keep that in mind. You could only wear this with high-waisted pants.

navy silk top

Totally fell in love with this top the second I saw it and trying it on only confirmed it's great. I picked it up recently and have been wearing it so much. It has a V in the back and tried it on at home with it in the front and you wouldn't even know. So it can work worn two ways. 

Thanks again to everyone who linked up with us! Jessica and I always look forward to reading your posts! Our picks are Kristina from The Kontemporary and Tilden from To Be Bright!